Equipping You To
Decide the Outcome

Decisive Defense Academy

Welcome to Decisive Defense Academy, the premier destination for training in Traditional Kajukenbo in the DFW area.

Decisive Defense Academy, Self-Defense Seminar
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Our Motto

Our motto, "Equipping You To Decide The Outcome," is based on the foundational scripture 2nd Samuel 22:40, and it reflects our commitment to prepare our students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Perfect for All Ages

As a Christian Martial Arts School, we are dedicated to providing a fun and engaging environment for students of all ages to learn complete martial arts and personal self-defense, starting at age 4 with adult and senior classes available. 

Regardless of your age, size, or strength, our expert instructors will build your confidence and equip you to protect yourself in any situation.

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Become Equipped and Empowered - Spirit, Soul and Body

Our comprehensive training program focuses on empowering you with the knowledge and skills to defend yourself in a practical and relevant manner.

Unique Martial Arts Techniques and Combinations

At Decisive Defense Academy, we teach a unique combination of Traditional Kajukenbo, Kenpo-Jujutsu and Tomiki Aikido.

Our methods incorporate elements from the following martial arts:

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    Kenpo - Jujutsu
  • martial-artR
    Chinese Boxing (Kung-Fu)
  • martial-artR
    Self Defense Techniques
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    And other styles

Contact Us

We invite you to join one of our regular classes and experience the unique characteristics and effectiveness of our training at Decisive Defense Academy. To learn more about our self-defense classes, get in touch with us today.

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